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WPEngine, one of the best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

WPEngine Review

WPEngine Review

WPEngine is a well-known provider of managed WordPress hosting. Their turnkey formula provides fast and sturdy servers capable of running any type of website.

Your website is virtually hacker-proof with WpEngine, and their excellent customer support makes you feel like a VIP. They provide automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, and a variety of other services.

WPEngine is like having an army of WordPress professionals at your disposal to assist you with your web project. WPEngine’s WordPress hosting services are used by companies such as HTC, FourSquare, SoundCloud, and many more. If you’re a company that doesn’t want to deal with the technical aspects of hosting a WordPress site or blog, WPEngine may be a fantastic option for you if you can afford it!

WP Engine is a top-tier web host that offers fully managed, optimized WordPress hosting. There are many aspects of this company that we admire, such as its powerful architecture designed for speed. With a plethora of services, the firm provides everything you’d expect from a premium WP hosting provider, as well as the pricing to match.

About WP Engine

WP Engine was created in 2010 and is based in Austin, Texas. Since then, the company has expanded tremendously and now runs data centers in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Japan, and the United States.

The purpose of WP Engine was to create WordPress-specific hosting with a high level of security, speed, and scalability. We can say that the company has met its objective.

wpengine security

WP Engine is a web host that offers specialist optimized and fully managed WordPress hosting.

The company does not own its hosting infrastructure; instead, it contracted and substantially altered existing cloud configurations to optimize them for the WordPress CMS.

Their hosting solutions are built on Amazon and Google Cloud infrastructure, with the majority of their servers running on Google Cloud. As a result, every traceroute to these servers returns only Google’s IP addresses.

Following WP Engine’s acquisition of StudioPress in July 2018, the Genesis theme framework and 35 Premium StudioPress themes are now accessible for free to WP Engine clients. ​​

Main features

WordPress Hosting that is optimized

wpengine optimized WordPress Hosting

Because WP Engine concentrates solely on WordPress hosting, it would be imprudent not to discuss what makes them so good at it.

First and foremost, convenience. Customers who use WP Engine-managed hosting will not have to bother about WordPress installs, updates, plugins, or security patches.

When you first start, all you have to do is complete a one-click WordPress installation. WP Engine staff will handle all technical aspects for you. As a result, their hosting services are incredibly user-friendly.

Improved technical assistance and one-click setup feature free you up to focus on your job, reducing stress.

With their unique technology, WP Engine guarantees excellent levels of security in WordPress, super-fast page load times, a system for daily backups, and the ability to automatically update your WordPress plugins. Pre-production or staging is one of the elements that distinguish them.

The WPEngine servers provide typically acceptable speed when compared to other shared hosts such as Swiss Infomaniak or Canadian PlanetHoster, but only average when compared to other WP specialty hosts such as WPServeur or WPXHosting.

Overall, we believe that this host’s quality/price ratio leaves something to be desired and that far better solutions are available!

Demanding architecture and WordPress caching

WP Engine takes pride in its architecture. Their servers, which are designed to fulfill commercial needs, provide seamless hosting options for practically any web project. Indeed, their technology enables websites to function 4-6 times faster than in alternative hosting environments.

Strong server architecture is included in all WP Engine plans. ​

wpengine web hosting plansEverCache serves as the foundation of their architecture (native server cache system). It is one of the most scalable WordPress caching systems. This means that your website will be able to handle spikes in traffic without encountering performance concerns.

Another factor that contributes to WP Engine WordPress Hosting’s speed is their global CDN. As previously stated, it is included in all plans.

WP Engine developed custom code to connect WordPress events to their Nginx-based systems when establishing their hosting environment. What exactly does that mean? When you update your website, their site caching might get aggressive without reducing responsiveness.

WP Engine has even added extra security, preventing bots from scanning your site and wasting bandwidth.

Limitation on the use of plugins

WP Engine performs regular scans of your installation to ensure that you are not using certain plugins that are not compliant or compatible with their environment and could affect the performance and security of your sites.

Many data centers

wpengine Many data centers

United States, Germany (according to our tests, the best speed alternative for France), Belgium, United Kingdom (second-best option for France), Canada.

WP Engine places a high priority on security. E-commerce businesses will welcome the availability of free SSL certificates that ensure the protection of client data. As part of its dedication to its clients’ security, this host routinely updates its firewalls and tracks down malware.

Control panel navigation is simple

When you initially log in to your WP Engine account, you are greeted with the opportunity to migrate your site for free. This option will show you how to install their automated migration plugin, which will allow you to simply migrate your website to their servers.

I can see all of the WordPress installations on my account from here. I can also add more workplaces to keep them organized. For example, if I hosted many WordPress websites, I could set up a workspace for each one. Alternatively, I’d create a workspace for all WordPress sites of the same type. Of course, folks hosting for customers and managing several projects would benefit more from this.

On the “Overview” page, you can select a WordPress project and examine general information about it.

This will provide you with up-to-date information on the number of visitors to your website, your bandwidth usage, and the server storage space you have used.


The basic WP Engine package is intended to host individual websites on a shared server. When you look at their plans, the first thing you’ll notice is a limit on the number of visits to your website.

Many hosting firms provide limitless bandwidth and disc space, making it an excellent place to begin new projects. These businesses do not have to pay any further costs if they expand outside their shared architecture. Instead, their hosts will simply assist them in upgrading to a higher-resource VPS plan.

Reliability and Customer Support

Wp Engine Reliability and Customer Support


WP Engine’s best-in-class customer service team includes WordPress professionals who are well-versed in the content management system (CMS). These support agents have been WordPress-trained. Every day, they support thousands of consumers and continue to practice giving skilled service. Given the number of people they assist every day, you can be confident that their support team is well-versed.


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