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Reseller Hosting: Features and Benefits

Cheap reseller hosting What is reseller hosting

If you’re wondering whether it’s profitable to be a hosting reseller, the answer can be yes. But we’re not writing to answer a “yes/no” or “black/white” question about reselling web hosting services. Today, we’ll go over the most common scenarios in which entrepreneurs began their modest hosting firm or opened a new wing inside their existing business to provide web storage space to their clientele.

Before we go any further, let’s define reseller hosting and its qualities.

Reseller hosting and shared hosting

What is reseller hosting?

The definition of hosting reseller is that you buy a few spaces to store an X number of independent websites within the same package, resell those spaces by putting together your own plans, distributing their resources as needed, imposing your brand, and marketing it at the price that you want to be based on your desired profit margins.

reseller hosting features

Infrastructure services evolved over time, and phenomena such as virtualization were added, allowing large resellers to have their own server at a low cost, but the vast majority still choose to hire a reseller plan and eliminate everything related to server management and repair of emerging problems.

reseller hosting virtualization

For what purposes can I utilize reseller hosting or a reseller hosting plan?

The prerequisites to become a hosting reseller are minimal, but you must be selective when selecting a business partner or provider, as doing so may cause you various issues in the future.

The issue of reseller hosting has been discussed in numerous articles all over the Internet, but we are yet to find one that covers all of the aspects, as well as all of the processes that you must take to achieve the finest option based on your needs. To determine which reseller hosting package or provider is appropriate for you, you must first establish your objectives.

  • Are you planning on starting your own web hosting company?
  • Will you expand your present services to something such as web design?
  • Would you like to host your own personal websites?
  • Or do you want to have fun while learning about the world of hosting?

cheap reseller hosting

How to Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Provider & Plan

If the answer is the last one we saw in the previous section, then you can almost choose any available option since you will use your plan to carry out tests; but it is not so when you are going to dedicate yourself to providing the service professionally, so we will only talk about this option since if you use it for that, the problems related to the hosting service and your reseller account will directly affect the business of other people and of course also yours.

Choose a service provider that provides cPanel/WHM.

If you are already on the subject, you will know that cPanel dominates the website management market, and it earned this by doing very well the task of simplifying the administration of resources such as creating email accounts, making adjustments to websites, managing files, databases, statistics, and even backups.


With the same ease, create accounts in WHM, cPanel’s administrator interface for hosting resellers, from which you may construct your own hosting packages and handle the registration, cancellation, or modification of your own and your client’s sites. cPanel/WHM is a standard, and it will also let you rapidly relocate your sites to another provider if you are dissatisfied with your initial pick. You should stay away if they don’t have cPanel, my friend.

reseller hosting cPanel WHM

Choose one that’s quick

The provider’s company website speaks a lot. If your surfing experience is fast, your hosting will most likely be as well.

Beyond that, ask your provider if they can provide you with a demo to evaluate the service, and attempt to choose SSD-based hosting. We are aware. SSD, NVE, or solid-state drives are highly fast, but they offer very little capacity, therefore if you want to boost your speed, you should forget about limitless space on reseller hosting.

Evaluate the kind of assistance they provide

Technical assistance is also an important pillar because the supplier must supply you with rapid and exact responses, which you will most likely need to relay to your consumers. If something goes wrong, such as a broken phone, and the information provided by the supplier is unclear or non-existent, it will be extremely difficult for you to provide customer assistance. Before choosing a service, inquire about the scope of their help and whether you may write or phone them at any time of day with a question or problem.

Keep in mind that you will need to provide support to your clients and will not be able to direct them to the hosting provider.

reseller hosting assistance

Hosting services that give a well-stocked support center, as well as access to a user community where you can interact and share ideas with other customers, are now a plus. Inconveniences with some aspects of the service, such as getting a second opinion on how to treat a client or what to do in a specific issue in your business can be irritating at times.

Choose a service provider who offers valuable tools


Provider with tools: a two-for-one deal. The fact that your provider includes tools in your reseller hosting plan will benefit you in two ways: the first will help you repair problems and optimize time in client management, and the second, and more importantly, will allow your clients to solve problems on their website on a daily basis in just a few clicks.

The thought of reselling or selling hosting using the extra domains or addon domains provided in your individual hosting package is appealing.

After all, you can squeeze a lot of juice out of a regular 3-5 bucks a month hosting plan, but the reality is that your customer may find out about it and dislike you, you won’t be able to provide them with a control panel so that it is self-managed, one of your sites may increase its consumption and affect all the rest of the stored sites; and finally, it is not secure at all, because if one of the hosted sites has a security problem, then all the rest will be affected.

If you pick reseller hosting, you can rest be assured that these aspects do not pose a threat or a problem for you.

reseller hosting top advantages

Some disadvantages to reseller hosting or reseller hosting

Although practically everything is advantageous, there are some drawbacks because, like every business, there are risks and not everything is flawless.

One of the constraints you may encounter is that all offers will be restricted to those of your provider. Remember that competing on price is difficult, but you don’t have to do it because a huge portion of your clients is unlikely to choose you for it.

Another thing to bear in mind is that you will not have control over the server unless you employ your own server, which will require significant investment and may alter your expectations and business plan. You should also keep in mind that you will need to invoice and collect from your clients. Do not be concerned about the latter, since there are various payment and collection tools available nowadays to help with this chore.

If any of these reasons are enough to put you off becoming a hosting reseller, you may switch to an affiliate plan, where you can earn an infinite amount of money by introducing clients with no effort. The best part is that you can begin right away.


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