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Joomla Hosting: What is Joomla, Joomla Features, Pro and Cons

Joomla Hosting What is Joomla Hosting

The Joomla CMS is used by many users and professionals to develop websites. If this is something you wish to undertake, be aware that you will require the finest Joomla web hosting. Otherwise, your site may be slow and unsteady, making it unappealing to visitors.

We’ll use this comparison of the best Joomla hosts to tell you how to get free web hosting. You will notice that this is NOT a desirable solution.

Joomla Hosting What is Joomla Hosting

Why should you avoid completely free Joomla hosting?

To understand in detail the reasons why it is better to avoid using a completely free offer whether for a Joomla site or otherwise, you need to experience premium hosting and then find the differences.

Nonetheless, given the context of this article, we shall identify a few of them.

free web hosting pro and cons

You will quickly realize that putting a Joomla site on free hosting is not a good idea:

  • Mediocre performance (which will lead to slowness)
  • Possible advertisements
  • Unappealing domain name offered (no extension .fr, .com, .net, etc.)
  • Disk space too small
  • The limitation at the database level

The list of disadvantages is extensive. But just with the few reasons that we have been able to list, you understand that if your goal is to host a professionally designed site via Joomla, you will have to avoid 100% free.

You will have no chance of being considered seriously by either your site visitors or search engines if you do not have it (which is not going to rank you well for the trouble).

If you really want web hosting that is near to free and Joomla compatible, we recommend that you go with one of the web hosting providers listed below which will provide you with more than just correct performance; it will also provide you with excellent customer service. Something you will not find if you choose completely free Joomla hosting.

Disk space too small

What kind of hosting should I choose for my Joomla site?

Is it best to host your Joomla site on shared hosting, cloud hosting, a VPS, or a dedicated server?

There is no correct answer. Everything is dependent on the size of your site and the audience you intend to reach.

In most circumstances, a collaborative strategy will suffice. If you anticipate several tens of thousands of visitors per week, it may be worthwhile to investigate more powerful hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Joomla Site Hosting.

To wrap off this tutorial and comparison of the top Joomla hosting suitable and optimized, we’ll answer a few more questions concerning the CMS.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). It is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. Joomla will enable you to develop and administer a website in a reasonably straightforward manner.

Why should you avoid free Joomla hosting?

Although compatible with Joomla, free hosting is too limited in terms of speed and functionality. By using such hosting, your site will be slow and limited and hence will not attract visitors.

Is Joomla appropriate for starting a blog?

No, not at all. It is feasible to establish a blog using Joomla, however, it is not the best choice. If you want to start a blog, WordPress is the best option.

Is Joomla a decent choice for a beginner?

It’s not the most inexpensive option, but as a novice, you’ll be OK. You will be able to simply install and manage your Joomla site with one of the reliable hosts suggested and you will be able to rely on a huge worldwide community for administration.


best joomla web hosting

Web Hosting for Joomla


A2Hosting is a well-known host and provide a good solution for Joomla hosting in 2022.

Not all web hosts provide hosting packages that are Joomla content management system compatible.

Furthermore, even those that are compatible are not always of high quality. As a result, we tested and compared a huge number of hosts.


Hostinger is suitable host for a Joomla site

Hostinger is one of the best host for a Joomla site (version 4 or other).

This host, which has data centers all throughout Europe and the world, will provide you with exceptional performance and impressive stability (uptime).

As a result, throughout a full year, the uptime approximated the announced 99.99 percent.

Otherwise, it is worth noting that Hostinger provides LiteSpeed server technology, as well as an automatic setup, to increase the overall speed of your site.

You will have no issue configuring and installing Joomla on your shared hosting account.


planethoster logo

PlanetHoster is a web host based in Canada. Regardless of this fact, keep in mind that it has its own data center all over Europe.

If you want to get high-quality Joomla hosting with a data center in Europe, this is an option to consider.

This will provide you with just outstanding performance. We’re not far off from the speeds and loading times we found at Hostinger.

We recommend that you read our PlanetHoster review for additional information on the host’s performance and stability.

If you’re looking for a new Joomla host to replace the one you’re presently using, PlanetHoster offers completely free site migration.

You will have nothing to pay and, more importantly, nothing to do. The host will be in charge of everything.


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