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Top 4 reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting

Top reasons to choose managed WordPress hosting

If you are have been working with WordPress websites for some time then you must have come across the term ‘Managed WordPress Hosting’. Let us know the top 4 reasons why you should go with Managed WordPress Hosting.

1. SEO and performance

Websites and online retailers must be speedy, or your bounce rate will skyrocket. But it doesn’t end there: every additional second of load time results in a 7% loss in conversion and an 11% drop in page views. A bad user experience not only leads to increased checkout abandonments but also reduces the recommendation score. In other words, the amount of money you make from your web pages is directly proportional to their performance.

Furthermore, loading speed is a significant consideration for search engine optimization (SEO). Google now punishes sluggish websites harshly. The majority of the performance optimization is handled by an optimized Managed WordPress hosting, so you don’t have to do anything. Your hosting bundle must include the following components to accomplish this:

Wordpress SEO and performance

Server-side caching

Even before WordPress is installed server-side caching is enabled. As a result, web pages can be sent incredibly quickly. The benefit is that you don’t need a separate cache plugin for WordPress, and you don’t have to deal with its complicated settings.

Powerful servers

Increasing the number of CPU cores is an important optimization factor for WordPress hosting. Indeed, the server must be able to handle a higher load in the event of multiple calls and related database queries. In this case, your web server should provide ample flexibility and High-Traffic packages to which you can fall back if necessary. Because if your success is there, it must also be manageable in a sustainable manner.

Powerful server is important for optimize

PHP memory limit

For increasingly complicated sites and online retailers, a greater PHP memory limit is definitely necessary. Indeed, it is the only method for the server to withstand crucial and concurrent tasks, such as a large flood of visitors.

greater php memory limit is necessary

SSD hard drives

Even with a huge number of simultaneous accesses to your site, SSD hard drives drastically reduce access times. As a result, SSD is the appropriate turbo boost for all of your WordPress projects.

Resource Compression

To make page load times even faster, use the newest Brotli compression standard.

Processor Cores

In terms of processor cores, envision your WordPress website or WooCommerce store’s server as a chip shop. Each person working in the chip shop represents one CPU core. Only one request can be processed at a time if there is only one salesperson behind the counter. This is not a problem at first if there are few visitors.

However, if the number of visitors exceeds the capacity of the sales team, the number of employees (and hence CPU cores) must be raised. The more people there are at the fries stand, the more orders can be completed at the same time. This is how it appears:

The rise in the number of CPU cores is significant, and not just for WooCommerce.

However, in this context, it is critical to recognize that having more CPU cores does not immediately improve your site’s loading time because the individual cores operate at the same pace. On the contrary, increasing the number of cores allows you to process more requests at once while avoiding overwhelming your portal or store.

It is not always possible to optimize the speed of WordPress as much as it is theoretically possible. In the case of shared hosting prices, average users have little or no influence on the operation of their websites because only the host or competent personnel have access to the server.

Wordpress hosting is time squandered.

2. Cost reduction

On the surface, managed WordPress hosting appears to be more expensive than shared hosting. However, this is deceptive. Perform a simple computation, such as using a tally sheet. How many hours per month do you require for the following?

Configure WordPress databases and installations manually, and always select and install the same extensions.

Plugins and themes, as well as configuring the appropriate options. Do you do this frequently, such as with WooCommerce or SEO plugins? Then you can see how much time is being squandered.

Heavy testing in a different instance, followed by changes in the live system.

Access and administer numerous WordPress projects at the same time, ideally across various servers.

There is less downtime for your website, resulting in less income loss. For example, by correctly testing in the Staging environment or recovering backups fast in an emergency.

Avoid security risks by not upgrading WordPress, WooCommerce, Plugins, and other software on time.

Increase your traffic by improving your Google ranking, which you will achieve with the help of a good web hosting provider.

If your host allows it, you can upgrade to a higher plan in the short term if you have a lot of traffic.

wordpress hosting is cost reducing

3. Support

Is there a problem with your WordPress hosting? Is it affecting or paralyzing your website? This is a circumstance that each of us is familiar with. The pulse rate then exceeds 180. In such instances, you are doomed if you do not receive reasonable assistance within the next few minutes.

Shared WordPress hosting typically saves money on support, but a private server sends all error handling directly to you. If you want to sleep well at night, look for a host who provides excellent customer service. Personally, during your working hours, in your language, in your nation. And not just through anonymous email, but through a variety of avenues.

Shared WordPress hosting typically saves money on support

4. Security

The security of your WordPress website or online store is critical. The same goes for data security. If your website is hacked or your customers’ information is made public, your entire existence is jeopardized, regardless of whether you are “just” the service provider or the operator.

wordpress website security is critical

To reduce the risk as minimal as possible, your managed WordPress hosting should provide the following features:

SSL encryption: SSL encryption is a must-have for any professional website. SSL certificates should ideally be included in the hosting bundle to reduce your work.

Protection against hackers and malware: Each of your WordPress sites should function independently of other projects. This drastically reduces the possibility of an attack.

Backups: Backups, both automatic and manual, enable you to swiftly restore a clean backup in the event of damage. As a result, the data restoration process should be as straightforward as possible.

Logins: Having built-in login protection is a good way to protect against brute force attacks.

Plugins: Use as few Plugins as possible. It seems natural that critical operations like backups and caching are included directly in the hosting. You now have one less possible assault surface.

Automatic Plugin Updates also improve the security of your WordPress installation. In the event of a critical security breach, you will not have to intervene yourself. However, such updates are not without controversy, as new versions cannot be tested beforehand.


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