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GreenGeeks Hosting: #1 green hosting company

GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks is well known as World’s #1 Green Energy Web Hosting Provider because offers an efficient web hosting solution with minimum impact on the environment, still offering high quality web-hosting in terms of security and speed.

According to CNET is “One of the Best Web Hosting Services for 2022

GreenGeeks have currently five data centers throughout the world, allowing clients to choose where they want their websites housed.

In addition to the basic dedicated plans, additional platform-specific optimizations are offered.

In addition to hosting services, the company provides website resources, specialist assistance manuals and tutorials, and an affiliate program.

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GreenGeeks Review

GreenGeeks Web Hosting Features

GreenGeeks web hosting may provide you with all you need to establish and operate a profitable website.

Their company’s fundamental values are speed, security, scalability, and excellent service.

Furthermore, the company has a track record of environmental stewardship and a big number of satisfied customers, all of which should help it become a valued business partner.

greengeeks hosting features

GreenGeeks Performance

Customers’ data is safeguarded by redundant arrays of solid-state disks (SSD) installed in every server, which we found to be incredibly speedy while also delivering the highest level of redundancy.

Database servers, which are essential for dynamic websites, are also meticulously calibrated for speed and dependability on software server installations.

To ensure speedy loading no matter where you are on the planet, a cloud delivery network and unique caching technologies are used.

Servers and deployed equipment are regularly reviewed in real-time to ensure 99.99 percent uptime. The company is in charge of a variety of data centers.

greengeeks uptime from 2017

GreenGeeks uptime from 2017

greengeeks last year performance

GreenGeek last year performance

greengeeks recent performance

GreenGeeks recent performance

You can check more performance statistics here

Hosting packages are available in Phoenix, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, and Amsterdam.

On many occasions, adverts for promotional discounts and savings will appear on the first page of a website.

GreenGeeks, like many other web hosting companies, provides a website builder.

Some of the plans have a drag-and-drop website builder, which is an important factor in our evaluations.

GreenGeeks Security

Accounts are segregated at the system level by design, and web servers are configured with hardened settings to ensure that all security safeguards are in place.

A big aspect of this assessment is the fact that GreenGeeks has incorporated its own virtualized file system, which provides an additional layer of protection against invasions and virus infections.

greengeeks security

greengeeks security

To avoid invasions, system events are logged in real-time, which brings us back to virus screening.

GreenGeeks have created an additional layer of protection by combining third-party technologies with in-house solutions.

Nightly backups are made to numerous off-site locations, and the copies are secured using industry-standard security measures.

greengeeks backup

greengeeks backup


GreenGeeks Services & Packages

GreenGeeks provides all of the major content management systems and services in one location.

It’s important for potential clients to realize that they aren’t just a new name for the same old bundle, but rather a carefully tailored environment for the specific service.

Drupal Package

greengeeks migrate drupal to wordpress

greengeeks migrate drupal to wordpress

It’s critical for Drupal consumers to understand that they can create their own plans. In this setting, a 1-click installer can be used to deploy systems.

To keep these facilities working quickly and efficiently in the face of anticipated rapid development, the company has implemented new systems. Users can check to see if the modifications have taken effect.

greengeeks Drupal

greengeeks Drupal

Joomla Package

There’s a bundle just for people who can’t live without Joomla.

It is widely regarded as one of the most powerful systems for building both small personal websites and large business portals. As a result, they have enabled all server technologies, including specialized optimizations.

Customers that prefer cPanel over other control panels can do so with a special green cPanel bundle.

It simplifies the integration of several scripts, as well as company-implemented speed and significant caching features.

greengeeks joomla

greengeeks joomla

greengeeks install joomla

greengeeks install joomla

Magento Package

Customers who want to start their own e-commerce firm can also use the Magento platform. It enables high-performance servers to put this highly optimized architecture into action.

all of the packages make it easy to set up large stores with all of the features enabled.

What is Magento


PrestaShop, a popular platform for establishing online businesses, provides options. As a result, GreenGeeks has invested in a custom installation so that the framework can be deployed quickly and efficiently.

OpenCart is another popular e-commerce platform. In addition to the specially configured servers, there is a simpler customized installation technique available.

GreenGeeks plans and prices

greengeeks hosting solutions

All of GreenGeeks’ service options, including its superior hosting packages, make it easy for anybody to get started developing whatever sort of website they want.

The prices, in our opinion, are reasonable and provide good value for money.” Despite being the cheapest option, it provides unlimited web space and data transfer.

A free transfer service is offered to consumers who upgrade to this plan. According to our findings, only 300 percent combination with renewable energy is presented as a distinguishing feature.

All major frameworks and programming languages have specific optimizations in place for e-commerce applications.

On any website, anyone can obtain a free secure SSL certificate as well as a shopping cart.

Each customer’s account is fully distinct from the others due to GreenGeeks’ use of container technology.

GreenGeeks Managed WordPress

greengeeks managed wordpress

greengeeks managed wordpress

WordPress plans designed exclusively for powering this sophisticated content management system are popular examples.

There is no doubt in my mind that GreenGeeks is a reputable development firm. Their developers are frequently relied upon to aid in the resolution of more complex problems.

It is proposed to use unique caching techniques to accelerate the deployment of instances. Malware and hacker threats aimed directly at WordPress are reduced using the company’s automatic defenses.

Administrators may check for newer versions of scripts and enable automatic upgrades using an easy-to-use admin interface.

There is also a WooCommerce installation package available for people who want to set up an e-commerce site with WordPress.

With additional functionality, an online store can be built on top of a WordPress site.

Customers’ data is protected through automated upgrades and daily backups, as well as extra security measures.

Managed WordPress

GreenGeeks VPS

greengeeks vps hosting

greengeeks vps hosting

In this industry, virtual private server (VPS) hosting is frequently recognized as a must-have service. Reserved for a computer with resources allocated to the client’s use.

This provides the benefits of both a managed service and a powerful hardware combo.

This is typically used for sites, portals, and installations that require far more power and resources than a normal package can supply.

Each VPS plan includes a cPanel Solo license that can be upgraded at any time. Each installation is assigned an IP address, and customers can upgrade their service at any time.

This solution includes a free SSL certificate, website transfer, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The devices can be hosted at the user’s preferred location. Name servers, DNS, and other necessary settings are managed by staff.

Real-time monitoring of all servers guarantees that problems are identified and resolved before they cause harm to users or their deployed sites.

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